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Batemans Bay is a popular holiday resort town and fishing destination surrounded by nature - National Parks, Mountains, the Clyde River & it's easily navigable estuarys, the Bay itself and the open Sea. Batemans Bay is in the Eurobodalla Shire (Naturecoast) of the South Coast NSW Australia and is famous for it's all year round great fishing.

Located just 1 & 1/2 hours from Canberra in the ACT and approximately 4 hours south of Sydney NSW Australia. Whether you come for a day, a week or longer - you will always want to stay on.

Local Batemans Bay amenities include great shopping, restaurants, entertainment and tourism attractions of all varieties.


From Durras in the North to Tomaga River in the south, Batemans Bay Fishing covers some of the best fishing grounds to be found on the South Coast of New South Wales Australia including the famous marlin grounds on the edge of the continental shelf.

With the beautiful Tollgate Islands a centre piece, the Batemans Bay area offers the fisherman or woman a fantastic variety of fishing environments with comfort and safety a premium aboard the M.V. Jean Marie.

Well protected from heavy seas, Batemans Bay is a safe and comfortable environment with unsurpassed scenic beauty. Crossing the bar is almost a non-event, making access to the Bay and it's surrounding fishing grounds a simple and pleasurable experience. The stability of the twin hull and power of the Jean Marie's twin 200 hp Yamaha outboards ensures a fast and comfortable ride enabling you to be fishing in around half an hour from departing the marina.

As the season change, the species of fish caught also change to some degree.

The colder months see cod, leatherjacket, redfish and the fun to catch sergent baker more active. As the water temperature rises the warmer currents bring on the kingfish, marlin, tuna and sharks.

Snapper, morwong, wrasse and flathead are 'year round' fish so no matter what time of the year, your chance of bringing home a fine table fish is always present.


A calendar of game fishing seasons on the NSW South Coast has been provided to show Batemans Bay fisherman what the best fishing times for the major game fish are.

Links to weather information and tide charts are also provided to help make your Batemans Bay fishing experience more enjoyable. Batemans Bay tides are 1 minute ahead of Fort Denison Sydney.

Fishing Calendar | Weather Forecast


Batemans Bay Fishing works in conjunction with New South Wales fisheries to ensure bag limits and size limits are enforced to ensure the sustainability of our beloved sport and the future of fishing for our children. We measure and log all fish that are kept and send the data to New South Wales Fisheries to help in their ongoing research and field management plans.


As from 23 March 2001 you now need a fishing licence to fish anywhere in New South Wales. Licences cost $5 for 3 days, $10 for 1 month, $25 for 1 year and $70 for 3 years. You also need a licence for spear fishing, diving, hand gathering and bait collection. Children under 18 years and Commonwealth pension card holders do not need a licence. You also don't need to purchase a licence when you fish with Batemans Bay Fishing on board the M.V. Jean Marie - it's all included in your fishing trip.

You can obtain information about New South Wales Fisheries at


Some fishing charter boats operate on the basis of all fish caught go to the boat. This is not so on the Jean Marie. So long as the fish is of legal size and you have not 'bagged out', what you do with your fish is entirely up to you. You can keep them for yourself, give them away or throw them back to fight another day. Like so much of what Batemans Bay Fishing is all about once again, IT'S YOUR CHOICE.


All the fish you decide to keep are immediately put on ice to keep them as fresh as possible, not just put in a box to get warm.

All your catch will be cleaned before we get back to Batemans Bay and then bagged up for you to take home with you.


Fishing is supposed to be a fun sport - not hard work - so we do the 'hard yards' for you. We supply, cut up and prepare your bait for you. We do however let you bait your own hook - as it is after all a 'participation' sport (hand towels are provided for your convenience). We will also handle the fish and net or gaff it and take the hook out for you. Some fish have poisonous spines so we don't want you to be spiked. In fact, you don't even have to touch the fish until you take it home and cook it!

From the time you board, to the time you disembark we're happy to have you on board - without you we wouldn't be here so our aim is that you enjoy your day with us and come back again and again.


So you haven't been fishing before? That's great, because we love to see people catch their first fish and ask any fisherman - nobody knows it all, everyone is always learning. Batemans Bay Fishing's experienced crew will gladly give you all the help you need to get you started with ongoing tips throughout the trip.
Batemans Bay NSW South Coast Australia
Batemans Bay NSW Australia

Southcoast New South Wales Australia
Southcoast New South Wales Australia

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Batemans Bay Reef Fishing
Batemans Bay Fishing

Fish cleaned, iced & bagged
Your Catch Cleaned, Iced & Bagged

Leatherjacket - Good Table Fish Easy Cooking
Leatherjacket - Easy Cooking

Fishing Tuition & Clinics for Beginners
Fishing Tuition & Clinics for Beginners

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