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Leatherjacket - good table fish

A handsome sixspined Leatherjacket - great fish to catch, easy to clean. Watch out for that spike and beware their teeth - they really pack a bite.

To clean if you catch one without us - Remove head at spike and peel jacket from the fish. Comes off easily and cleanly to leave smooth flesh of the fish. No scales to worry about. Beautiful table fish with a sweet meat that you can eat without the worry of fine little bones. Excellent dusted with flour and pan fried in butter.

Leatherjacket is commonly caught on fishing trips on the South Coast of NSW Australia. The large serated spike on the top of the head is used as a defence mechanism.

Your experienced crew aboard Batemans Bay Fishing charters handle your catch for you so you can take it home cleaned, iced & bagged ready to cook without fear of injury during your fishing experience.

Should you ever hear the term 'Bikie Fish', you'll know it's our friend the Leatherjacket!

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